Managing for Success
in Selling
Human Resources Outsourcing

For over 30 years, I have had the good fortune to lead and coach sales teams, whether my own or one of my clients’ teams.

Helping people succeed is my passion and my mission, and for that reason I am excited to announce the launch of my new webinar series, Managing for Success in Selling HRO.

The goal of Managing for Success is to help you increase sales productivity and profitability, reduce turnover, and decrease sales acquisition costs.

We can accomplish those goals by providing proven strategies for recruiting, selecting, training, and managing performance.

Managing for Success in Selling Human Resources Outsourcing

Managing for Success

The Managing for Success webinar series will give you tools, techniques, and strategies in

  • Recruiting and selecting top talent
  • Developing sales expectations
  • Compensation, recognition and rewards planning
  • Training to expert-level of competency
  • Managing performance and expectations
  • Dealing with performance issues and terminations
  • Managing strategic alliances

Resources, Resources, Resources

The role of sales leadership requires the development of everything from job descriptions to termination letters. Developing these documents takes time. As a part of Managing for Success, you will receive over 20 documents and spreadsheets to help you lead your sales team.

  • Sales Manager Position Description
  • Salesperson Position Description
  • Telephone Interview Questions
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • First Interview Questions
  • Interview Question Bank
  • Role-Play Example
  • Salesperson Evaluation
  • Expectations Agreement
  • Offer Letter
  • Rejection Letters
  • Top 10 Interview Questions
  • Compensation Plans
  • New Sales Rep 30-Day Training Plan
  • 12-Week Onboarding Plan
  • 52 Sales Meetings
  • Sales Plan
  • Sales Performance Scorecard
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Quarterly Review Letters
  • Quarterly Self-Review
  • Termination Letter
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Sales Rep Assessment

All for an investment of only $1,895

The Managing for Success Webinar Series is Conducted Multiple Times Throughout the Year

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