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Human Resources Outsourcing:
The Most Complex Sale

The HRO/PEO sale is unique and complex. To be successful, sales professionals need a high level of business acumen and C-level selling skills to authentically gain client relationships.

Empowerment + Activity = Results

When sales professionals are competent, they are confident and they get results.

The U is designed to teach the complexities of human resources, workers’ compensation, risk management, employee benefits, benefits administration, payroll, payroll taxes, and technology.

The U teaches sales professionals strategies to prospect, qualify opportunities, conduct C-level discovery meetings, build the business and financial case, and gain the client relationship to create endless streams of referrals.

The U empowers sales professionals of all levels of experience.

Training For Your Entire Team

The U can serve as your complete human resources outsourcing (HRO) training program for your entire team! The course curriculum provides business intelligence in all areas: human resources, workers’ compensation, risk management, employee benefits, benefits administration and payroll.

Incredibly, Unbelievably Affordable

The U contains over 60 courses, handouts, and tests. It uses the power of learning management system technology to deliver the most impactful ongoing training experience at an affordable investment. Tuition is subscription based, so your team can take and retake unlimited courses.

Clay Kelley HRO Sales University

The Curriculum

  • The Ultimate Value Proposition
  • Communicating Shared Employment
  • Why Businesses Need HRO: Human Resources
  • Why Businesses Need HRO: Workers’ Compensation
  • Why Businesses Need HRO: Benefits & Administration
  • Why Businesses Need HRO: Payroll, Taxes and Technology
  • Employment Laws You Need to Know
  • Effective Prospecting Strategies
  • Overcoming Prospecting Objections
  • The HRO Sales System
  • Effective Discovery Meeting Strategies
  • Developing Effective Qualifying Skills
  • Building the Financial Business Case
  • Strategies for Gaining the Client Relationship
  • Creating Endless Referrals
  • Conducting Effective Meetings with CPAs
  • Business Intelligence: Human Resources
  • Business Intelligence: Workers’ Compensation
  • Business Intelligence: Benefits Administration
  • Business Intelligence: Payroll, Taxes and Technology
  • Probing Questions: Human Resources
  • Probing Questions: Workers’ Compensation
  • Probing Questions: Employee Benefits
  • Probing Questions: Payroll, Taxes & Technology
  • Probing Questions: Competition
  • How to Say it Best: Human Resources
  • How to Say it Best: Workers’ Compensation
  • How to Say it Best: Employee Benefits Administration
  • How to Say it Best: Payroll, Taxes & Technology
  • Qualifying: What Every Employer Needs
  • Conducting Effective Meetings Over a Meal
  • The Best Prospects to Target
  • The Human Resources Value Proposition
  • The Payroll, Taxes & Technology Value Proposition
  • Appointing CEOs
  • Getting Your Call Returned
  • 35 for 35: 35 Years of Sales Lessons

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What Our Users Say About The U

Jim Thibodeau

CEO, StaffScapes

We won a 257-employee deal with the ongoing training we get from The U and your coaching.

Thanks for being a partner in our success.

Colby Davis

Vice President Sales and Marketing, Employer Advantage

The U is by far the best way we’ve found to provide high-quality training for our sales team in the industry and how to sell our services.

It’s like having Clay Kelley as our full-time sales trainer.

Anyone looking to build or strengthen their sales team should be in The U.

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